As a small start-up business, it comes as no surprise that the co-founders are the primary ones answering the phones and responding to customer emails. It adds a lot to an already busy plate, but there is truly no better way of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

It has helped me understand the range of emotions that one can experience using our site. From extreme appreciation for the convenience of ordering a card in minutes, to extreme anger for the inconvenience of our password retrieval plugin acting up. (It’s fixed!)

I respond to each type of emotional email the exact same way: “Thank you so much for getting in touch!”

I’m chipper in hearing the good and the bad because I’m passionate about growing our service to help more people enjoy food safely. It’s impossible for us to know all of the infinite use cases with our site (some people still use browsers that haven’t been updated since 1996), so we really appreciate it when someone tells us about a sub-optimal experience.

I especially love it when customers get in touch requesting new allergens or languages to be included on the site/app. Nearly ALL of our newly added allergens/languages are there today because someone like YOU requested it.

We would like to challenge you to find gaps in businesses (not just ours!) and make your voice heard. You will be surprised by how receptive companies are to your feedback. After all, YOU are the one they are trying to serve. Make sure they are serving you well!

Keep the comments, questions and suggestions coming!

Kyle Dine
CO-Founder & CEO

Ps- if this blog post did not appear correctly on your browser….perhaps an update?