How do I say ” a nut allergy” in Portuguese?

Planning a trip to a Portuguese speaking country and wondering how to say tree nuts in Portuguese? Don’t take a chance with an online translator app that will simply state “tree nut allergy in Portuguese”. Communicate your allergy in Portuguese with confidence! Our Portuguese allergy cards is one of our bestsellers partly because Portugal and Brazil are two of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

We have spent time, money and research to find the most effective way in communicating a nut allergy in Portuguese. We provide food allergy translation cards that feature professional human translations. We pride ourselves in providing accurate, reliable and trusted Portuguese travel cards that will be understood.

Not only do our food allergy cards state “I am allergic to nuts” in Portuguese, but they detail the different specific types of tree nuts so restaurant staff know exactly what nuts you need to avoid. We have food allergies too, and believe that stating that you are allergic to nuts in Portuguese should be as detailed as possible.

We have researched and tested our Portuguese food allergy cards with foodservice staff to ensure that the message is clear and understandable.

Peanut in Portuguese

If you are also need to communicate that you have a peanut allergy in Portuguese, we have a combination peanut and tree nut allergy card where you can feature both allergies in Portuguese.

Order either the tree nut allergy card in Portuguese, or the combination peanut and tree nut allergy card for $8.00.

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You will be able to print unlimited copies of your Portuguese allergy cards to provide to restaurant staff. Your allergy translation cards are also available in our allergy translation app available on both iOS and Android.

Looking for recommendations on safe spots to eat in Portugal or Brazil? We also encourage you to visit and its thriving Facebook Group to get more tips on staying safe at your specific destination.