We are very excited to announce a new www.allergytranslation.com! The Allergy Translation site is now better equipped than ever to provide handy translation cards for travellers with food allergies.

The new site features easier navigation to help you get the Allergy Translation Card you need in a quick and convenient manner. It’s more mobile friendly which allows you to grab a card on the go without hassle.

Allergy Card Languages

Select desired language easily.

We’re most excited about the new filter available when ordering a customized Allergy Translation Card. This convenient drop-down menu allows you to quickly filter through our database of 200+ allergens to select and create a card tailored to your needs. Allergens are categorized accordingly, and there is even a category for “most popular” allergens. The Specialized card process is also more straightforward in allowing you to see all of the cards/statements at a glance.


Peanut Tree Nut Allergy Translation Cards

Example of a few options on the specialized card ordering page


Custom Food Allergy Translation Card

Filter for customized allergy cards. Making it easier to choose from over 200 allergens.


The site also has a new eCommerce platform that makes order easy, quick and safe. It allows you ton conveniently access your card within your account after your purchase.

AllergyTranslation.com was first launched in April of 2006. To date, this is the third reiteration of the website to keep in line with the ever changing landscape of the web. Feel free to browse the site, make a purchase in advance of your next trip and leave us some feedback! We’d love to hear what new languages you would like added next. If you have travelled recently, be sure to visit www.allergytravels.com to review countries and airlines.