Join the Equal Eats Review Team


The process of researching and creating the most effective and accurate allergy translation cards has now taken one full year. I’m excited to say that they are now only one final step away from being available¬†.

Since we’re communicate life-threatening food allergies, overall accuracy is priority #1. The new translations and reviews were all completed in Excel by a top-notch translation company. However, I want to make sure that everything was copied over correctly into the card layout form.

Your help needed: I am looking for native speakers to provide a final look at the cards to make sure everything looks good layout-wise, and that no translations seem way off. The job should take between 30-60 minutes.

If you, or someone you know might be interested in volunteering for one of these languages, please feel free to connect them to me ( You will be on the top of the Equal Eats swag bag list, and happy to provide a LinkedIn recommendation.

Together, we will help everyone enjoy food, everywhere. Thank you!