The most common tips you will find within articles containing advice on travelling with food allergies are plan ahead and do your research. This usually includes planning where you will stay, what food you will bring and researching things such as emergency numbers, local cuisine and allergen labelling laws.

However, have you noticed how difficult it is to plan out safe meals at allergy aware restaurants? There are sites such as Trip Advisor that give hints to whether a restaurant may truly “get it” through general reviews. Ideally, wouldn’t it be nice to know of places where someone with the exact same allergies as you ate?

This is where YoDish comes in. It’s an app currently available on iPhones that allows you to browse allergy-safe dishes based on reviews of exact and partial matches (coming soon in an upcoming update) of your allergy profile. You can also be a trailblazer and share your own experiences on YoDish to open up a world of possibilities to other allergic travellers.

Could you imagine if everyone with allergies used this app? We would have so much information at our fingertips to find out safe dishes at restaurants across the globe.

Have a good experience eating an allergy-friendly dish either at home or abroad? Be a part of a bigger community and share!

You can download YoDish at

Below are some more screen shots of this cool app.

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