Food Allergy Cards for FREE – in English.

We realize that communicating a food allergy can be difficult not only when travelling, but even at restaurants around the block. In a busy restaurant setting where there are multiple people handling your order, sometimes a food allergy request can go through a game of broken telephone, leaving you hoping that your meal is truly safe.


Equal Eats is making our English allergy cards 100% free to help you ensure that your food allergy is understood. It’s amazing how much chefs and foodservice staff appreciate having your food allergies in writing so they can cross reference with ingredients and during food prep and plating.


Here are the steps to creating a free allergy translation card in English:


1. Go to our order page – Select either pre-set cards if you have one specific allergy/diet, or customized if you have multiple food allergies.

Equal Eats Order Page

2. Language selection – choose “English” (first option)

Equal Eats Allergy Language Selection


3. Create your card

Equal Eats Create your Card


4. Want more? Simply click “Continue shopping” and repeats step 2-4. If not, click “Checkout”

Equal Eats Confirmation Page


5. Fill in your details. Note that NO credit card number is required. Click on agree to terms and place order.

Fill in details

6. Print your card, or download our smartphone app to view your card.

Printable food allergy card, allergy card on app

We realize it’s a few steps, but it helps ensure that you can easily access your cards directly from your account.

We hope you enjoy your free allergy card, and that it helps you having your food allergies understood, and taken seriously wherever you dine.

Stay well,

Kyle Dine
Equal Eats