Chef Sheets

Help kitchen staff understand cross-contact/cross-contamination and why it’s dangerous for people with food allergies.


A great tool to use in combination with your Allergy Translation Card

Chef Sheets

When travelling with food allergies, all precautions must be taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. A proactive approach in preparing for your trip will help make sure that your food allergies are communicated effectively. While many understand what a food allergy is, it is hard to expect the same amount of understanding when it comes to the dangers of cross-contamination.

In combination with an Allergy Translation Card, a Chef Sheet will aid in a safer eating experience by not only heightening the severity of your allergies, but by educating kitchen staff on the dangers of cross-contamination and how it occurs.

We are happy to provide Chef Sheets for free to aid all allergic travelers. We believe that the more information and tools to create peace of mind, the more enjoyable your trip will be.