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Free Food Allergy Cards

Food Allergy Cards for FREE – in English.

We realize that communicating a food allergy can be difficult not only when travelling, but even at restaurants around the block. In a busy restaurant setting where there are multiple people handling your order, sometimes a food allergy request can go through a game of broken telephone, leaving you hoping that your meal is truly safe.


Equal Eats is making our English allergy cards 100% free to help you ensure that your food allergy is understood. It’s amazing how much chefs and foodservice staff appreciate having your food allergies in writing so they can cross reference with ingredients and during food prep and plating.


Here are the steps to creating a free allergy translation card in English:


1. Go to our order page – Select either pre-set cards if you have one specific allergy/diet, or customized if you have multiple food allergies.

Equal Eats Order Page

2. Language selection – choose “English” (first option)

Equal Eats Allergy Language Selection


3. Create your card

Equal Eats Create your Card


4. Want more? Simply click “Continue shopping” and repeats step 2-4. If not, click “Checkout”

Equal Eats Confirmation Page


5. Fill in your details. Note that NO credit card number is required. Click on agree to terms and place order.

Fill in details

6. Print your card, or download our smartphone app to view your card.

Printable food allergy card, allergy card on app

We realize it’s a few steps, but it helps ensure that you can easily access your cards directly from your account.

We hope you enjoy your free allergy card, and that it helps you having your food allergies understood, and taken seriously wherever you dine.

Stay well,

Kyle Dine
Equal Eats

Food Allergy Sticky Notes are Here


I have to admit, it wasn’t the first product I envisioned rolling out under our new brand Equal Eats. But when a pandemic hits, all game plans go out the window.

Our Food Allergy Sticky Notes are a helpful solution to avoid contact during the challenges posed by COVID-19. They promote limited contact by allowing others to simply rip off a sheet and stick it. They can be useful for foodservice staff, caregivers, schools, camps and others.

We have a limited initial run of allergens available, but will continue to grow our collection. To view, visit


Food Allergy Sticky Pads

Infographic – Foodservice Prompting Customers to Disclose Dietary Restrictions

Earlier this year, I did a research study as part of my master’s degree in hopes to discover new insight on an area that I’ve been very curious about. Especially after seeing studies showing the variance in number of people with food allergies who always disclose their food allergies at restaurants.

The objective of my research was to find out how people with dietary restrictions felt about the foodservice industry “prompting” them to disclose their food allergies. The results are very supportive as you see in this overview infographic.

I would like to do a follow-up study with the foodservice industry to find out their feelings on the subject. Hopefully it can lead to helpful recommendations on ways to keep diners safe that are achievable and helpful for both sides.

Nut Allergy in Spanish

How do I say ” a nut allergy” in Spanish?

Planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country and wondering how to say tree nuts in Spanish? Don’t take a chance with an online translator app that will simply state “tree nut allergy in Spanish”. Communicate your allergy in Spanish with confidence! Our Spanish allergy cards is one of our bestsellers partly because it is the official language of 20 countries, many of which are popular travel destinations.

We have spent time and research to find the most effective way in communicating a nut allergy in Spanish. We provide food allergy translation cards that feature professional human translations. Our allergy cards in Spanish are accurate, reliable and trusted.

Not only do our food allergy cards state “I am allergic to nuts” in Spanish, but they detail the different specific types of tree nuts so restaurant staff know exactly what nuts you need to avoid. We have food allergies too, and believe that stating that you are allergic to nuts in Spanish should be as detailed as possible.

We have researched and tested our Spanish food allergy cards with foodservice staff to ensure that the message is clear and understandable.

Peanut in Spanish

If you are also need to communicate that you have a peanut allergy in Spanish, we have a combination peanut and tree nut allergy card where you can feature both allergies in Spanish.

Order either the tree nut allergy card in Spanish, or the combination peanut and tree nut allergy card for $8.00.


Create for free

After Ordering

You will be able to print unlimited copies of your Spanish allergy cards to provide to restaurant staff. Your allergy translation cards are also available in our allergy translation app available on both iOS and Android.

We also encourage you to visit to get more tips on staying safe at your specific destination.

New website!

We are excited to announce the redesign and relaunch of our sister site: There you can find essential information, and first-hand accounts of what it is like travelling to countries around the world with food allergies.

Also be sure to join the very active Allergy Travels Facebook Group to share your recommendations, and get tips from others.

You Spoke, We Listened. Thanks for the Feedback!

We wanted to thank all of our customers and visitors who provided feedback this winter through our user survey. We were delighted to see an overwhelmingly high level of satisfaction for our products, and humbled by the number of comments that highlighted the impact our products have had on their travel opportunities and overall safety.

We greatly appreciated the supportive and constructive feedback that was provided too!,There were truly some unique and novel ideas, as well as tweaks to our existing service that could create a greater impact. We are happy to share that the majority of the suggested themes will be implemented! We look forward to sharing a new and improved Allergy Translation experience over the next few months.

Even though the survey has ended, our ears are always open to new suggestions and ideas. No suggestion is too big, or too small. Get in touch! Your voice really makes a difference. 


Kyle Dine
Co-Founder & CEO

Exciting Changes to Come

It has been a very exciting year so far for Allergy Translation. I decided to pursue a Master’s degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. I thought it would be a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and business innovators. I wasn’t sure what it would lead to, but the pieces are all starting to come together.

This company has always been a passion of mine, but always a part-time pursuit. I realize that the more dedicated time I put into it, the more exciting the results. My first step in this transition to full-time operations was to simply listen to all of your experiences and insight. I wanted to learn what you love about Allergy Translation Cards, and how you would like to see them improved. Thank you to everyone who completed our recent user survey and provided some incredible ideas.

read every single comment, and am excited to unveil our strategy to create more impact and help more travellers with dietary restrictions. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as exciting changes start to unroll. If you want to join our customer advisory team and have the “inside track” plus opportunities for feedback, please sign up!

Thanks for all of your support, and safe travels!

Kyle Dine
CEO & Founder

Take our User Survey!

We are looking at making exciting changes to our website, app and products this year. Our first step is to find out what YOU truly value and need to help make your travels safer.

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete our survey.

Thank you!

Kyle Dine
CEO & Co-Founder