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Allergy Travels Facebook Group

If you’re not already a member of the Allergy Travels Facebook group, we highly recommend it! It is a-buzz of tips, recommendations and first hand experiences from people who have travelled all over the world with food allergies.

The format is simple. If you are browsing, just find a tag for a place you are planning to visit (e.g. Greece). Then simply read all of the posts and comments to get incredible insight on what it is like traveling there with a food allergy.

You can also ask for recommendations specific to your upcoming trip. You will receive helpful comments and advice from others who are simply willing to help.

It’s a vibrant and supportive community and we hope to see you there! – Share your Allergy Travel Tips!

We are very excited to be a part of a brand new website that helps allergic travelers share their travel tips with each other. is a hub of information that allows travelers to share reviews and ratings for different countries and airlines.

Planning for a trip with food allergies is no easy feat! Often you need to check multiple websites to find pieces of information such as the emergency number, the food labeling laws, the allergy guidelines for restaurants, let alone just finding some safe activities! Allergy Travels aims to be your one-stop-shop for essential food allergy travel information.

As adventurous allergic travelers yourselves, we would encourage you to create an account over at and start sharing your travel knowledge with others to help them take flight!

FREE Allergy Alert Cards in English

food-allergy-alert-cardWe are thrilled to announce that we now have FREE Food Allergy Alert Cards available in English.

These cards allow you to customize your own list of food allergies and include any additional notes to wait staff or chefs.

Although we specialize in translation cards for dining out abroad, it’s just as important to effectively convey your allergies when dining out domestically. A simple allergy alert card can help chefs and managers remember your allergies in a busy kitchen setting. They also help others take them seriously, especially since it notes the severity, and the dangers of cross-contamination/cross-contact.