A recent unfortunate news story out of Montreal highlights that there are no guarantees when asking for an allergy-safe meal at a restaurant.

Police in Sherbrooke, Que., have arrested a 22-year-old waiter for serving salmon tartare to a client who ordered beef tartare and had warned him he was allergic to seafood.

The allergic diner apparently reiterated his food allergies to the server in this case several times, however was still served his allergen (salmon). This case will now be settled before the courts to see if their was negligence on the part of the server.

Our food allergy translation cards are a very helpful tool when communicating allergies abroad. However, they can be just as useful when communicating your allergies domestically.

In the case of this story, an allergy card could have helped in several ways.

Allergy cards are useful at home and abroad.

Allergy cards are useful at home and abroad.

An allergy card can:

  • Help the wait staff receive accurate information on the full list of allergies
  • Be taken to the kitchen and given to the chef
  • Highlight that the allergy is severe
  • Remind the wait staff to double check the order once received from the kitchen

Having a card that displays one’s allergies should be a tool that every person with severe allergies tucks into their wallet for the cases when they don’t want their allergies to get lost in translation, or lost in the shuffle of a busy restaurant.

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