Before You Go

Doing your research in advance and having a plan for emergencies will help you stay safe on your trip and give you more peace of mind.


  • Print out several copies of your Allergy Translation Card to ensure you will always have one in a convenient location or in case you lose one.
  • Check expiration dates on medicine before you go.
  •  Research the country’s local cuisine in order to familiarize yourself with possible dangerous dishes, spices, and sauces.
  • Educate your family and traveling companions on all the issues. This includes what not to order, and how to provide emergency treatment, what to look for in a reaction as well as know where your emergency pack is (contact information, insurance card, and doctor’s name.)
  • Write down emergency numbers for the foreign country. Visit to get a list of emergency contacts for countries around the world.
  • Research your hotel’s food options.
  • is a site with links to organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. The site can point you to food labelling regulations among other food policies.