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8% food allergy

7% gluten free

7% vegan/vegetarian

36% special diets

Equal Eats was created in 2006 to help travellers communicating their allergies in foreign languages. The idea was simple: create a website that could provide wallet-sized translation cards that are convenient, inexpensive, and accurate. We take pride in helping people enjoy food everywhere

Our Affiliate Program

Simply list our link (via text or image) on your site, and receive a commission.

Cards cost $8.00 USD/each 

Customers commonly order more than one card

Payment by PayPal

Our Products 

Allergy Translation Cards are available in 50

languages within two categories:

Customized Cards

Cards that display up to 20 unique allergens
(500 allergens to choose from)

Pre-set Cards

36 cards that are specialized for common
allergens (e.g. peanut, gluten)

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